Knuckle Push-Ups

For Solid Wrists and Forearms

An adequate level of strength and stability of the wrists is essential to athletes and non-athletes as well. The knuckle push-up variations are preferred exercises in martial arts and boxing for a good reason. The primary benefits of doing push-ups on the knuckles are stronger and more stable wrists and forearms. It’s common that people to experience pain in their wrists during standard push-ups on their hands.

Biomechanically during push-ups, the knuckle position compared to the standard hand position is more optimal for the wrist joint. This exercise is a good choice for anyone who needs stronger and more stable wrists. Based on my experience almost everyone in today’s society has weaker than optimal levels of wrist strength and stability.

The following video presentation is introducing the proper way of performing Knuckle Push-Ups.

Exercise Progression

Before you attempt performing Knuckle Push-Ups make sure you can comfortably perform 20 reps with the Push-Up Handles or Parallettes.

You should be able to hold the Knuckle Push-Up position for 30 seconds and to perform 20 reps of modified Knuckle Push-Ups from your knees.

Use a soft surface under your knuckles like a yoga mat, a folded towel, or carpeted floor.

Don’t overdo the exercises. If you are a beginner don’t push the exercises on your knuckles till failure because your wrist can slip out of the right position posing some risk of injury.

Knuckle Push-Up Hold: duration – 30 seconds x repeat it 3 times

Push-Up with Handles – 20 reps x 3 sets

Kneeling Knuckle Push-Up 20 reps x 3 sets

Knuckle Push-Up 10-15 reps x 3 sets

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