Climbing Rope Exercises

Real High-Intensity Full Body Strength

I still remember in school the first time I was able to climb to the top without the help of my legs. I didn’t focus on the technique, the only goal was to reach the top anchor. Sometimes I ran out of power by the time I reached the top so the way down was a bit rough with the regular skin burns and marks on my hands, arms, and legs.

Because of the challenging nature of this exercise, the sensation of the moving rope, placing your hands higher and higher will require your sharp focus every time. In the end when you conquer the top it gives you a great sense of accomplishment. All the above makes this exercise challenging and exciting.

Climbing the rope might be difficult for some without previous training. I created a set of exercises that can help you to develop the necessary strength and stability that are required for this movement. The exercises are also great as a whole body workout with minimal equipment since the only thing you need is a climbing rope.

In the first video, I’m going to show you a couple of basic exercises with a climbing rope. These exercises are a great addition to any workouts or just doing them alone will give you an amazing level of strength and fitness. The main benefit of training with the rope is the overall combined training effect on the grip strength, the upper body- especially the arms and the back, core strength, and stability. It’s great cardiovascular conditioning as well.

Climbing rope exercises are not easy but by increasing the difficulty gradually you will be able to execute the harder ones in time. Before you start the exercises make sure you get a good rope and a safe attachment.

The exercises are in the following order:

  1. Arm Extension
  2. Rope Plank Roll-Out
  3. Rope Plank Hold
  4. Rope Rows

In the second video, I’m going to show you intermediate and advanced level exercises. Before you attempt these exercises make sure to get familiar with the basic ones presented in the first video.

The exercises are in the following order:

  1. Assisted Rope-Climbing
  2. Rope Pull-Up
  3. Hanging L-sit Leg-Extension
  4. Hanging Leg-Raise
  5. Rope Hanging
  6. Rope Eccentric Lowering
  7. Rope Plank-Walk
  8. One arm Pull-Up

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