Bar Hanging Benefits

Fix Your Shoulder and Posture Stop shoulder pain, restore mobility and improve your posture with regular hanging. Practice these basic drills for shoulder mobility and strength. Brachiating – Shoulder Hanging Hanging from a bar has multiple benefits. It restores the balance, strength, and mobility in the wrist elbow, and especially shoulder joints. Decompressing the spine […]

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Bodyweight Training

High-Intensity Outdoor Upper-Body + Core Workout No matter where you are a good high-intensity workout can always be done using your own body weight. If you travel or be on vacation the following simple yet effective drills can help you to stay in shape. Perform the exercises presented in the following video. Make sure you […]

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Sissy Squats in a Rack

Target Your Quads with Modified Sissy Squats The original version of the sissy squat exercise can be very challenging, this modified version is a safer and easier alternative. The primary target of this movement is the muscles in the front of your thigh, the quadriceps. I like to perform them after a thorough warmup or […]

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Climbing Rope Exercises

Real High-Intensity Full Body Strength I still remember in school the first time I was able to climb to the top without the help of my legs. I didn’t focus on the technique, the only goal was to reach the top anchor. Sometimes I ran out of power by the time I reached the top […]

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Training with Resistance Bands

Elastic resistance has been a valuable part of athletic preparation for decades but since today we have many different options of bands (resistance, shape, and length) anyone can benefit from this versatile training equipment. Easy to carry lightweight and you have a great full body workout with them. Exercises Shown in Video: 1. Shoulder Mobilization […]

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ACL Injury Reduction

The incidences of non-contact ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tears are extremely high among female athletes. The number of injuries is close to 100,000 torn ACLs per year. ACL injuries can be limited and prevented by applying our ACL prevention protocol – a proper multilevel strengthening program coupled with sound nutritional and lifestyle strategies. The high […]

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Boost Your Immunity

7 Step Immune System Support Our native immune system is a very complex and marvelous self-defense system that runs on autopilot throughout our lifetime. Those who have a balanced immunity can avoid or fight off the infection. This means a complete lifestyle optimization where hygiene, balanced diet, exercise, and regular recovery techniques are all important […]

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Knuckle Push-Ups

For Solid Wrists and Forearms An adequate level of strength and stability of the wrists is essential to athletes and non-athletes as well. The knuckle push-up variations are preferred exercises in martial arts and boxing for a good reason. The primary benefits of doing push-ups on the knuckles are stronger and more stable wrists and […]

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