Bar Hanging Benefits

Fix Your Shoulder and Posture Stop shoulder pain, restore mobility and improve your posture with regular hanging. Practice these basic drills for shoulder mobility and strength. Brachiating – Shoulder Hanging Hanging from a bar has multiple benefits. It restores the balance, strength, and mobility in the wrist elbow, and especially shoulder joints. Decompressing the spine […]

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Climbing Rope Exercises

Real High-Intensity Full Body Strength I still remember in school the first time I was able to climb to the top without the help of my legs. I didn’t focus on the technique, the only goal was to reach the top anchor. Sometimes I ran out of power by the time I reached the top […]

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Knuckle Push-Ups

For Solid Wrists and Forearms An adequate level of strength and stability of the wrists is essential to athletes and non-athletes as well. The knuckle push-up variations are preferred exercises in martial arts and boxing for a good reason. The primary benefits of doing push-ups on the knuckles are stronger and more stable wrists and […]

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