ACL Injury Reduction

The incidences of non-contact ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tears are extremely high among female athletes. The number of injuries is close to 100,000 torn ACLs per year. ACL injuries can be limited and prevented by applying our ACL prevention protocol – a proper multilevel strengthening program coupled with sound nutritional and lifestyle strategies. The high […]

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Happy Hips :)

Taking care of your hips throughout a lifetime is like maintaining your car’s engine and suspension combined. The hip is the strongest and most stable weight-bearing joint of the human body. The sitting lifestyle itself is probably the biggest assault against the hips and for this single reason alone everyone should perform hip mobility exercises […]

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Glute Exercises with Bands

Pre-workout Glute Activation Drills Using Resistance Bands Having under-active glutes is a very common symptom in our sitting society. Considering the fact that the gluteals are the powerhouse of every athletic movement they must be trained often in an integrative way. As part of a proper warmup, these exercises are prepping the body to provide […]

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Muscle Soreness or Pain?

How do I know if you have good vs bad muscle soreness? Muscle Soreness Following Exercise Muscle soreness feels like a dull aching pain with tenderness and sensitivity in the affected area. The pain is felt when the muscle is being used stretched or put under pressure not when it is at rest. Muscles normally […]

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