Bar Hanging Benefits

Fix Your Shoulder and Posture Stop shoulder pain, restore mobility and improve your posture with regular hanging. Practice these basic drills for shoulder mobility and strength. Brachiating – Shoulder Hanging Hanging from a bar has multiple benefits. It restores the balance, strength, and mobility in the wrist elbow, and especially shoulder joints. Decompressing the spine […]

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Training with Resistance Bands

Elastic resistance has been a valuable part of athletic preparation for decades but since today we have many different options of bands (resistance, shape, and length) anyone can benefit from this versatile training equipment. Easy to carry lightweight and you have a great full body workout with them. Exercises Shown in Video: 1. Shoulder Mobilization […]

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Happy Hips :)

Taking care of your hips throughout a lifetime is like maintaining your car’s engine and suspension combined. The hip is the strongest and most stable weight-bearing joint of the human body. The sitting lifestyle itself is probably the biggest assault against the hips and for this single reason alone everyone should perform hip mobility exercises […]

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