Hex Bar / Trap Bar Deadlifts with Bands

Build Explosive Power and Control Adding bands to your workout is a fantastic way to challenge the overall benefits of your exercises. The hex bar/trap bar band resisted deadlift is a frontal plane dynamic stabilizer exercise. The bands are overloading the concentric phase at the end as well as the eccentric phase at the beginning […]

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Training with Resistance Bands

Elastic resistance has been a valuable part of athletic preparation for decades but since today we have many different options of bands (resistance, shape, and length) anyone can benefit from this versatile training equipment. Easy to carry lightweight and you have a great full body workout with them. Exercises Shown in Video: 1. Shoulder Mobilization […]

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Glute Exercises with Bands

Pre-workout Glute Activation Drills Using Resistance Bands Having under-active glutes is a very common symptom in our sitting society. Considering the fact that the gluteals are the powerhouse of every athletic movement they must be trained often in an integrative way. As part of a proper warmup, these exercises are prepping the body to provide […]

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